Enjoying Life

I have been working with Judy for many years. While I have been trained for success in being able to work out on my own, which I do regularly, I continue to benefit from the support and encouragement.

I appreciate the accountability, attention to detail, the personalized workouts and private setting.

I use the core and overall strength that I have gained to do fun activities like hiking, cross country skiing, tennis and kayaking.



Renewed Energy

You are not intimidating to work with. I am a very competitive person and I love to be challenged. You read me well and challenge me without making me feel not equal to yourself.

It is a joy to work out with you each week. I leave each session exhausted and sweaty, ready to take on the world. I usually go home revived and ready. I have more energy now than I have had in years. You are the best!



New Confidence

I had been exercising before trying Journey Fitness, but I lacked confidence that I was doing the right exercise and doing them the right way. Through Judy’s guidance, I have gained confidence on both counts.

Being in my late fifties, it is great to have someone who truly understands what my body can and cannot do.

When I started, I never dreamed that in less than three years I would be down 50 pounds, be in better shape than I had in many years and feel wonderful. It was a long journey, but with Judy’s skill and encouragement, it was attainable and well worth it.



Never Boring

My initial consultation with Judy was very thorough and I felt genuinely cared about. She did an excellent job deciphering my goals. 

She is an excellent teacher, making sure to show proper form. I never felt stupid asking a question or asking for help.

Sessions were never dull, routine or boring. Judy possess the right amount of compassion and leadership, pushing you to do more than you expect from yourself with positive motivation. You will not be disappointed.



Tailored to Me

I have been working with Judy for over a year now. She tailors my workouts for the areas I need improvement. She always challenges me to go to the next step being mindful of correct form.

Judy is very warm, personable and knowledgeable. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to train with Judy and feel so invigorated and overall stronger with better balance. I highly recommend her to my friends.




I have been training with Judy for three years and have made some significant changes in my strength and endurance. Even though I face health challenges, my family and I are convinced that the help I received training with Judy has helped to save my life.



Meaningful Results

As a young girl I was hit by a car and consequently have been plagued by injuries as I age. Judy designed a program that kept me active and healthy.



Liking The "Impossible"

I was never the type of person who ever did any serious exercise. After working with Judy, I found myself looking forward to my next session. I actually told her that I really like exercising with her! I never thought I would use the word “like” and “exercise” in the same sentence. Judy’s encouragement has really helped me push through and try new things.



More Than Just Training

In her 70s, my mom was so unsteady and took a number of painful falls. Without the strength to get up on her own, I began to fear for her future. Judy’s specialty in senior exercise turned life around for her! She became stronger and falls became a memory rather than a regular occurrence. I also saw my mother open up to a special relationship with Judy. They enjoyed their time together as they worked on and met goals. Thank you, Judy, and Journey Fitness!