Specialties Awarded by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM™)



Women's Fitness

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a trainer who really understands you? I have special training that addresses the needs, makeup and challenges of a woman’s body. Some of these challenges include pregnancy, postpartum, menopause and the effects of aging.

In addition to our physical makeup, we also have unique motivations, responsibilities and barriers. We are often spending our time as caretakers leaving us with little personal time for exercise.

I will use all of my life experience and specialized training, considering all these factors, as I create a plan for you.


Corrective Exercise

Low back pain?  Knee discomfort? Shoulders tight?  These symptoms may be signals that you are overworking some of your muscles and underworking others. 

These imbalances occur because of bad posture over time. You may not realize the consequences immediately of sleeping in the wrong position, sitting at a desk all day or hunching face first into a mobile device. But overtime, these unconscious habits make us prone to discomfort, pain and injury.

Besides improving quality of life, I place a high emphasis on systematically strengthening the body, so that all imbalances are corrected and injuries avoided.


Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness is group or private exercise that focuses on making daily life easier, safer and more enjoyable.  Common goals are living independently as long as possible, reducing the achiness that comes with inactivity, increasing balance and strength to reduce falls and remaining mobile to visit friends and family.

Exercises are modified to meet the needs of the individual, including exercise from a chair, if necessary. The length of sessions is often 30 to 60 minutes for one-to-one, and 60 minutes for a group class.

I emphasize time to socialize so that seniors can be comfortable, have fun and make new friendships.

Most seniors take advantage of off-site sessions, enjoying exercise in the comfort of their private home or community residence.