One-to-One Training sessions are private, hour-long sessions that focus exclusively on you!

I prepare safe, efficient and effective workouts to help you get the most out of the time and money you invest. I help you to gain proper flexibility, increased overall body strength, as well as improved balance and cardio fitness. I demonstrate correct form with lots of practice and continual reinforcement.

Also, I provide instructional sheets for success at home, as well as in-between-session communication for additional help, accountability and encouragement.


Small Group

Small Group Training sessions are a great way to save money and enjoy built-in opportunities for friendship and accountability.

Hour-long sessions focus on shared fitness goals.  

Group size can be as small as two. Studies show that your success in continuing to exercise is likely to increase significantly if you have the right exercise “buddies”.



Off-Site Training can be private or small group sessions that are conducted in a client's or group’s residence, community center, church or workplace. 


Interested in something not listed? Have questions? Please contact me with your idea.